Uganda visit September 2018

Surprise Surprise we arrived in Uganda 26th September as part of ITV’s This Morning 30th anniversary show. The invitation came through to Lisa Seferi (charity chair and trustee) just 2 weeks prior to us landing! This Morning wanted to film Fred Ssemmanda and the wonderful work our charity The Denise Foundation has being doing as part of Denise Robertson’s legacy.

It was very hard to keep the trip a secret from Fred Ssemanda until the morning when Lisa’s dream came true and she finally met the man Denise found as boy with his brother Emmanuel all those years before, eating ants to survive, alone, orphaned. What an emotional and joyous moment when they both met; Fred knew that ITV were going but had no idea that Lisa would be there. We knew it was it was going to be an emotional but rewarding visit. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we had 4 suitcases full of clothes, shoes, teddy’s, stationary, sweets and toys. 

Our 1st stop in the morning was visiting one of the schools and the 3 shallow wells that we have installed to provide clean and safe water for the local community. We were with a small team; Phil Vickery was the presenter, Will the producer, Sam the cameraman, a sound engineer and Julie Gibson, one of our charity trustees. What a privilege it was for us to experience this and raise awareness of our charity in memory of our beloved Denise Robertson.