Sponsoring a child

You are most welcome to become a child sponsor with us. For a monthly gift of £40.00, you can instantly change the life of a child.

Your monthly gift will provide the following:

  • -School Uniform, shoes and other wears
  • -Daily Education
  • -Food
  • -Basic Medical care and sanitary needs,

Sponsoring a child is more than just giving money; your child will regard you as a good parent and will frequently want communicate with you.

The child will consider him/herself as being part of your family. Your involvement in a child's life makes a dramatic and positive change.


Can I have a picture of my child?

Yes, you can have it on request otherwise our office is committed to sending new pictures each year.



What does my money cover?

Your monthly sponsorship gift covers daily education, food, uniform, shoes (& other clothes), beddings and basic medical care.

- Daily education - 40%, Food - 33%, Uniform, shoes and other clothes - 10%, Beddings - 10%, Basic Medical Care - 7%


Do I give money directly to the child?

Money is paid to our international coordinator UK. This money is then channeled to our Ugandan bank account.

The Ugandan office administers the funds and the program 100% of the money is used to benefit your child.


Can I pay my sponsorship automatically?

Yes! You can pay by automatic bank draft, credit card or monthly / quarterly / bi-annual and annual money orders. This actually helps our administration. Please contact our international co-coordinator for more information.


Will my child write to me?

Yes. Sponsored children write to their sponsors a minimum of 3 times per year. However, they are permitted to write more often if they wish. Our Sponsored Personnel write letters for children who are too young to write well enough in English or write at all. As the children get older, they learn to copy letters written by our sponsored personnel off of a chalk board. Eventually, all children write their own letters in English. Please note that some children are behind in school, and it may take them a bit longer to catch up on English and writing skills.


Can I email my child?

Presently office and schools where our children are studying don't have internet access at all. Also, many internet cafes in Uganda are considered unsafe for the young children and due to the internet scam alerts.

The only method of communicating with your child is through the following: Letters to our official post of address but remember to include your child's name inside, please. Via our office email address. The email may be printed but without your email address.


How can I write to my child?

Writing to your child is so important! It helps forge a relationship that will last throughout his or her education. It also helps your child develop English and general communication skills.


Can I send money or a gift to my child? What is a good gift?

Yes you can send gifts through our international coordinator in your country. Packages / parcels should be sent directly to Uganda for your child.

To send a monetary gift, you can contact our international co-coordinator in your country with a suggestion advising how your monetary gift should be used.


The Denise Foundation UK is a registered charity in England and Wales, No. 1178870