We had a very interesting night at the Banda Lodge in Masaka which consisted of loud music being played at a festival from 2am-6am but we were thrilled to be able to spend the night with Fred and Emmanuel there. The team went out for pizza last night and it was the first time Fred and his brother had ate pizza!! What a privilege to offer these people a taste of something new. 

We then set out at 7:30am and travelled 2 hours to Rakai to visit one of our sponsored children Shaira at her place of rest when she is not in school. During the holidays, as she has no living relatives, she stays with a local ‘grandmother’. It is unbelievable how these poor people live in a mud hut and the roof falls in with the rain  This grandmother has 8 children living with her. We then headed to visit Lisa’s sponsored child Jimmy Kayemba at his boarding school. He was very happy to receive his football strips and other gifts kindly donated from local sports clubs. 

Next stop was Fred’s house and that is when the torrential rain started so were unable to film, the crew had to stay in the car, but we had to drop off the 4 cases of gifts donated from our lovely sponsors. We were determined to ensure the children received their gifts. We trekked half a mile with cases on our heads, slipping and sliding in the mud! Luckily a neighbour came to the rescue after Lisa unfortunate slipped down! Another example of the warmth and kindness of these people who live in such poverty and adversity.

Fred lives in a very remote area, however it was good to see the house that Denise and Lisa built in 2006 still doing really well with lots of happy children living there who were ecstatic to receive teddies and gifts. It was emotional to think we had returned to the place Denise found the boys in 2004 living off ants, sheltering in a mud hut. Next stop was Kampala where we said goodbye to the ITV crew.