Sabina school where our little ‘Queen’ Shaira lives; we were shocked at the cramped conditions in the dormitory which was ‘home’ to over 100 kids living side by side but they are happy and it’s far better than the alternative of them living in a remote area with no one taking care of them. 

The children wash their own clothes and bedding by hand as there is no electricity.

Shairas sponsorship money pays for her to live here, get regular meals, her uniforms and (shoes when she wears them!!), and importantly her daily medication for HIV & Aids vital medication she could not survive without. 

Our final school visit was to Kasaasa primary. We were running very late to get there due to the roads and conditions but we managed and even though we only have 3 sponsored children here, so many stayed behind to welcome us with a beautiful song they had created for us called “Denise” this was very emotional and I could see all the ITV guys wiping tears away We also provided scholastic materials to the school to help those children who are awaiting sponsorship. We then visited one of the shallow wells that we installed in August with the money raised by our generous sponsors and donators, at The Barefoot ball in February 2018. These wells provide clean and safe water for the community. We have now installed 3, all around the schools. 
Our children at this school are...

The children then had to run home as it was starting to get dark and most live 5k away no school buses here or kids getting dropped off at the school gate. But there were so happy and welcoming it was an amazing end to a magical day